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Migrate HD 1TB With Windows 10 into Samsung SSD EVO 850 500GB Wed - Mar 21, 2018

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Using Samsung Data Migration that software bundled with the SSD package, i got following error “Cloning failed. An error occured while adjusting partition size 400110 [061aee]” at progress 99%. I tried 3-4 times, with several different version, version 2.7 that bundle, version 3.1 and also with the latest version but i’m not lucky. I still got the some error.

Using Paragon Migrate software, that even not started yet. I just stuck on 0% Running tasks when “Selective copy disk”.

Using MiniTool, i’m succesful to copy the partion, MBR and make it new partition as Active. But it still unable to boot to Windows 10. I have tried also use combination with Paragaon to fix Boot/MBR, but again i’m not lucky.

After i give up with above software, when looking for the workaround then i found EaseUS Backup Free appear in many top result on google search.

I try to create Win PE to iso file and lood it into USB drive. So i can boot using USB instead CD-ROM.

After select source HD and target HD, i choose copy sector-by-sector, and tick “SSD Optimize”. Finally i can boot into Windows 10 at SSD… yey!!!!

DDR3 Memory speed and classification Thu - Oct 5, 2017

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DDR3 Memory speed and classification


PowerShell Thu - Oct 5, 2017

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Command Prompt

C:\> echo %PATH%

In PowerShell

PS C:\> $env:path
PS C:\> $env:path -split ‘;’
PS C:\> $env:path.split(‘;’)

PS C:\> $psversiontable #show powershell version



Windows XP and the latest software version Fri - Sep 8, 2017

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Firefox version 52 will be the last complete update for Windows XP and Windows Vista, and will automatically update through esr update channel.

Mozilla Firefox ESR – Extended Support Release – Download the latest ESR version

Google Chrome 49 is the latest version for Windows XP, Windows Vista

Reference links to Install LAMP on Ubuntu server Wed - Dec 16, 2015

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Link reference for installing LAMP (Linux – Apache – MySQL – PHP) on Ubuntu server