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Coding CA Clipper 5.2 lagi euy Wed - Jun 11, 2003

Posted by supriyatna in All, Programming.

Hiks… buka-buka dan coding CA Clipper 5.2 lagi nih, sok lha pak dosen…
Maju terus pantang mundur…
Jayalah terus Clipper-nya

http://www.clipx.net, on-line help dari file-file library Clipper (Norton Guide).
CA-Clipper Programming
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ 2.31) about CA-Clipper and CA-Visual Objects.
The Harbour Project, Harbour is a free software compiler for the xBase superset language often referred to as Clipper (the language that is implemented by the compiler CA-Clipper).
http://www.the-oasis.net/, http://www.hianoto.net/
http://www.davep.org/norton-guides/, Norton Guide Reader
Dr. Huggle Clipper Tools Project. This Group was build to discuss the porting of the clipper tools libraries from Dr. Huggle & Partner named CLTools, CLText, CLReport, CLWindow, CLGraph, CLProfiW, CL3D, CLImage from 16Bit DOS/Win3.x to modern Clipper Compilers for the Win32 and Linux platform. The first step is a porting to the (x)Harbour compiler, others like C3, Flagship and XBASE++ are planned, too.
http://www.geocities.com/wowbase/xMate.html, xMate is free Project Manager and builder that support Harbour, xHarbour, Clipper, C and C3.
http://republika.pl/cxide/, Editor for Clipper and xHarbour.
xHarbour step by step, HOW TO get started with xHarbour.
Clipper forum discussion on Tek-tips’s website.
Fox Pro Old Version (1 – 2.6 for DOS) on Tek-tips’s website.

Untuk link terbaru coba cross check di bagian link pada http://supriyatna.cjb.net



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