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Standard UNIX command Thu - Jul 31, 2003

Posted by supriyatna in All, Linux.

Informasi dibawah ini tidak ada hubungannya dengan tutorial, ini hanya beberapa command dari unix/linux yang saya ambil dari .bash_history untuk referensi pribadi aja ^_^.

General command:

  • vi /etc/squid/squid.conf
  • service squid reload
  • switchgw [cable|isdn]
  • mailq
  • cancelmsg – Cancel an E-mail message
  • courier flush
  • ps -fauxwww | grep someword (find ‘someword’ word on running process)
  • df -h (cari tau kapaitas HD yg sudah dipakai dan yg masih kosong)
  • du -skc * | sort -rn | less (cari tau total size dari suatu folder)
  • rpm -qa | sort | less (Query All package)
  • rpm -qa –last | head (Query All package only the last installed)
  • rpm -Uvh packagename.rpm (reinstall package)
  • rpm –rebuild package.src.rpm (Rebuild package from source)
  • rpm -qi fetchmail (Query information detail of fetchmail package)

System Info:

  • top (display top CPU processes)
  • vmstat (display virtual memory statistics)
  • free (display information about free and used memory on the system)
  • uptime (Tell how long the system has been running.)
  • ifconfig (display network card device)
  • ifup eth0 (bring a network interface up)
  • ifdown eth0 (take a network interface down)

# mutt
c – Change Mailbox folder (type ~jkt/users/username)
+ – Tag Marked
; – End Command after email marked
b – bounche email to email address (type your email addresses)



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