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Team Developer: Tips and Trik in Window Wed - Mar 31, 2004

Posted by supriyatna in Howto, Programming, Windows.
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Change Dialog/Window Icon runtime

  Set hIcon = ExtractIconA(  GetWindowLongA( hWndForm, GWL_HINSTANCE ), "USER32.DLL", 2 )
  Call SalSendMsg( hWndForm, WM_SETICON, ICON_SMALL, hIcon )

Mencari suatu windows di open atau tidak

If SalFindWindow( hWndMDI, 'fwEmployee') != hWndNULL

Multi line text pada button

  Call SetWindowLongA( hWndItem, GWL_STYLE,
  GetWindowLongA( hWndItem, GWL_STYLE ) | BS_MULTILINE )

atau dengan:

Call VisWinSetStyle( hWndItem, BS_MULTILINE, TRUE )


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