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How to switch back Yahoo! Mail to classic version Fri - Nov 2, 2007

Posted by supriyatna in All, Email, Howto, Internet, Yahoo.

New Yahoo! Mail is looks nice but it’s very slow when accessing from my internet connection. Actually you can still switch back to use classic version of Yahoo! Mail. Yes, there is link “Mail Classic” on left upper side of your mail under your Yahoo ID.

But i don’t want to switch back, i just want see in Classic version. So, I use another way to open Yahoo! Mail with classic version without “switch back to Mail classic”, just put this link “http://us.mg2.mail.yahoo.com/ym/login?ymv=0” to address bar of your browser (or bookmark that URL for simple access).

Then whenever i want use New version of Yahoo! Mail, just type http://mail.yahoo.com and i got New interface of Yahoo! Email.

Update 20100108:
You should login first using Yahoo account before typing following address http://us.mg2.mail.yahoo.com/ym/login?ymv=0, once you had logon successful, you didn’t need to wait until browser finished to load the page. Just immediately type that link on the address bar.

Update 20110516
In current release, there is an option to return into Yahoo! mail classic. This can be access from “Help” menu and then select “Return to Original Mail”

Update 20110729
Unfortunately, Yahoo has removed “Return to original Mail” option from “Help” menu. So now there is no way to switch back to classic version. But don’t worry i have found another way to open Yahoo Mail in classic version, bookmarks (CTRL+D) this link https://login.yahoo.com/config/login?.done=http://us.mg2.mail.yahoo.com/ym/login?ymv=0

Now, once you login using that link it will be redirected to Yahoo Mail classic, enjoy!

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1. James Charles Scott III - Wed - Nov 21, 2007

I have been having problems, (not accessing my email) but clicking on to send an email. When I try to go to contacts, there’s no response.

2. supriyatna - Thu - Nov 22, 2007

Hi James, i can added an email address by click “To” button. Probably you have a lot of contact persons so it’s looks hang/no response. I thought Yahoo will download all contacts and cached them to local computer so next you access the contacts it will show much faster.

3. bernie - Thu - May 7, 2009

PLEASE I want Classic Yahoo Mail I am so FUCKING tired fo 10,000 times click back to your fucking classic mail LEAVE the fucking mail alone I WANT CLASSIC MAIL STOP fucking up my mail account and LEVE it alone

do you understand I want Yahoo Classic Mail

leave my account the fuck alone….

losstime - Sat - Feb 25, 2012

How many time do u like that such those words?

4. cm - Sun - May 24, 2009

My god! Thank you for that link! The Javascript was not working on my browser and I couldn’t switch back to classic mail at all. Thank you!

5. CM Tan - Mon - May 16, 2011

Da beta version’s user-unfriendly. You think it’s faster? It’s just the opposite. I looked everywhere for da ‘Yahoo! Mail Classic’ but just couldn’t find it. What da f***!

supriyatna - Mon - May 16, 2011

There is “Return to Original Mail” from “Help” menu to get back your Yahoo! Mail classic

6. Nicholas - Sun - Jun 12, 2011

There is no “switch back to Mail classic” or “Return to Original Mail” under options in Yahoo mail, why?? email me responses to nicklla@yahoo.com

supriyatna - Mon - Jun 13, 2011

It looks they have remove the link/option for revert back to Classic version. I thought this is because they already moved from Beta stage, but you still can access old/classic version by accessing this url http://us.mg2.mail.yahoo.com/ym/login?ymv=0

7. glo - Sat - Jun 25, 2011

Unfortunately, the option to return to the “Original Mail” is no longer there. Its just like mandating everyone who had ever switched to continue to remain there. Just sukcs

8. Thaair Aljanabey - Thu - Jul 28, 2011

Im go back with this link to clasic but whene Im log off agien its go back to beta agien !! I need your help to keep clasic on my yahoo mail.

supriyatna - Fri - Jul 29, 2011

This is tricky, you can use the following url or bookmark (ctrl+D) the link for easier

9. Bruce Wiliam Robert Wayne - Thu - Jul 28, 2011

I have same problem I want keep the clasic style on my yahoo mail ,to any one can help please I have to much problems from using beta yahoo mail.

supriyatna - Fri - Jul 29, 2011

I have found another way to always open Yahoo Mail in classic version, see the latest update under my posting

10. How to switch back Yahoo! Mail to classic version (2) permanently « Simply Notes - Thu - Aug 4, 2011

[…] Re-enable option of JavaScript Related post: – How to switch back Yahoo! Mail to classic version […]

11. Babrak Noorzai - Mon - Aug 8, 2011

I new yahoo version doesn’t suite for me. Can submit help me to go back to yahoo classic

supriyatna - Tue - Aug 9, 2011

follow this link http://goo.gl/tLU6Z

12. mohammed - Mon - Oct 3, 2011


13. joey alizio jr (@joeyalizio) - Fri - Feb 17, 2012

Hey! This Is How You Switch Back To Yahoo! Classic Mail..
Mozilla FireFox..
ThiS Is Easy And Fun…
ToolS.. OptionS.. Content..
Disable Javascript..
Boom! Go To Your Yahoo! Email..
Refresh The Page..
Switch Back To The ClaSSIc Yahoo! Mail..
That You Love The Most!

Go Back!
Don’t Forget To Re-Enable Javascript!

14. Ben - Fri - Oct 19, 2012

This is the best, fastest and easies way to get back to Yahoo Classic until now, please refer to this web:


15. Reed Parkinson - Sat - Dec 22, 2012

Its this simple! At the area on your URL change the part where is says neo to mc! Its right next to launch!


16. Peni Kasa - Wed - Jun 12, 2013

Please can you switch me back to yahoo mail classic,
much appreciated.

17. Smart Products, Ltd. - Sun - Nov 3, 2013

Returning to Yahoo Mail Classic

Uninstall Firefox without removing Personal Data and Bookmarks.
Install Firefox 14.0.1. or a version of Firefox that allows the user to Disable JavaScript
Click Tools; Options; Content; Remove Check Mark from Enable JavaScript.
Click OK.
Close and Restart Firefox.
Go to Yahoo Mail.
The following message appears: Yahoo recommends you upgrade your browser to enjoy all the features in the new Yahoo Mail.
Click Continue without upgrading.
Message appears: JavaScript is not enabled on your browser.
Click Continue without upgrading JavaScript.
Yahoo Mail Classic will appear.
JavaScript will be needed to click or remove Check Marks from selection boxes, so Click Tools; Options; Content; and insert a Check Mark in Enable JavaScript.
Enabling JavaScript will not affect Yahoo Mail Classic.
Upgrading Version 14.0.1 to the latest Version of Firefox will not affect Yahoo Mail Classic, although the option to Disable JavaScript will no longer be there in the latest versions.

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