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Howto change UltraEdit font style in column mode Fri - Feb 8, 2008

Posted by supriyatna in All, Howto.

I like to try to change the default font style at UltraEdit text editor to Consolas (the new font type from Windows Vista/Office 2003). For your reference, currently i used UltraEdit version 12 -and- 13. Simple! I just go through menu View>Set Font… and i can get exactly what i want. But wait… when i tried switch to column mode the font style will changed back to the Courier New, although i have tried to set it up using View>Set Font…(in column mode) that was not much help, the font style in column mode still using Courier New.

I have tried to find out in menu Advance>Configuration…, but there is no lucky. Ok, so if you got the same problem, don’t worry i have found the solution to change the font style in column mode.

You should edit manually uedit32.INI (UltraEdit Configuration file) at %USERPROFILE%\Application Data\IDMComp\UltraEdit\uedit32.INI go to [FixedFont] section (you can use search command or CTRL+F), and change the font type at “FaceName=” entry from “FaceName=Courier New” into “FaceName=Consolas“.

Save your changes, re-start UltraEdit and try to edit in column mode, you will find the font style in both normal and column mode is now become Consolas.



1. Rick - Wed - May 14, 2008

Thank you!! I got my fonts all stranged out with a Japanese translation document I was working on. Thanks again. Glad to just have Courier New back.

2. Roberto - Sun - Nov 2, 2008

They fix this issue… now you can add the desired font from View menu.

3. DEREK - Mon - Mar 15, 2010

Thanks, it worked, and for font size, you need to change “Height=”, just below “FaceName=”, I don’t know what the value means, but you may use the same one.

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