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Remote Desktop client for Android Wed - Nov 30, 2011

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PocketCloud Remote RDP/VNC, Wyse Technology Inc.

Free version only allow one connection to RDP setting saved into device. If you need to save more connection RDP setting -or- need connect to VNC server then you should consider to upgrade to PRO version.

2X Client RDP/Remote Desktop, 2X Software Ltd.

Free alternative software to connect to RDP. When you cannot connect to remote desktop server using PocketCloud from Wyse, then this great software will help you.


Best free software to connect to VNC server from your android device. When you don’t have PRO version of PocketCloud and need to connect to VNC server, this will be your best choice.

Note: Screen capture for above softwares will be attached soon.

[portlandfreeweb] Important: CGI being discontinued on September 30th Wed - Aug 27, 2003

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Hi all,

I’m afraid to announce that CGI on Free Hosting is being discontinued on
September 30th 2003. PHP will remain.

Unfortunately, it is being over run by users who have no consideration for
others, and the level of support that we need to provide is becoming too

PHP will remain intact though.

I am working with Karin @ Squished Mosquito to ensure that ESP remains on
the system. We will publish details of any changes that ESP users need to
make very shortly.

A discounted Enhanced and Premium package will be made available tomorrow
for users wishing to migrate to our paid solutions that have CGI support.
Please note that paid servers will never have fundamental features (like
CGI/PHP/ESP) removed.

I shall post details tomorrow of the signup page.

Justin Clements

Redirect/forwarding URL Tue - May 27, 2003

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Perlu redirect atau forwarding URL untuk mempersingkat url address yang teramat sangat panjang?. Gampang …. banyak kok, ini gue kasih beberapa yang bagus, yg sudah gue pake adalah cjb.net

your.cjb.net, free but with popup advertise
your.tk, free but with popup advertise
your.zzn.com, free
your.vze.com, free cost and free banner